It allows to quickly relocate the cobot, fix it at the new position, plug the grippers and simply connect it to the workplace or production line. The rack features full robot connectivity to the workplace. In conjunction with Techman robots and their camera, it enables automatic 3D-plane calibration at the workplace. The system is designed in one size which fits all robots, with payload ranging from 4 up to 14 kg. Its heavy welded steel base and solid leveling casters provide a stable platform for any industrial application. Installation of the robot takes about 15 min. The machine is equipped with electronics and interfaces for plug & play usage of certified grippers and accessories and is also available as ESD certified. It offers full connectivity (i.e. LAN, Ethecat, GigE, USB, HDMI, RS232, digital I/O, analog I/O, emergency Stop, speaker).

Productronica 2019: Halle A2, Stand 521