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3D AXI system X7056-II Viscom
Baugruppenfertigung-3D AXI and 3D AOI within one machine

Three PCBs simultaneously

14.11.2017- ProduktberichtThe X7056-II is Viscom's new 3D AXI system with expanded inspection depth, outstanding image quality, and extremely fast handling. The new board handling solution xFast Flow makes the system ideal for production lines that require high throughput despite extensive inspection of hidden solder joints. mehr...

Baugruppenfertigung-Over 2 million frames per second

Inspecting entire volumes in real time

12.11.2017- ProduktberichtMitutoyo's TAG Inspector solves the problem of inspecting non-flat objects and scenes by being the first commercially available system that enables users to see, and inspect, entire volumes in real time. mehr...