productronica innovation award 2015

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Baugruppenfertigung-Flexible Standard-Lötzelle

Mit Thermoden-Lötmodul oder Diodenlaser ausrüstbar

30.09.2015- ProduktberichtEutect hat eine flexible Standard-Lötzelle XS 800 mit zwei Servoachsen auf den Markt gebracht, die mit einem Thermoden-Lötmodul oder mit einem Diodenlaser ausgerüstet werden kann. Die Verfahrgenauigkeit auf den beiden Achsen beträgt +/- 0,02 mm. mehr...

Baugruppenfertigung-Reflow soldering system

Less than 2% void level

30.09.2015- ProduktberichtErsa has developed a new technique to minimize the formation of voids during the soldering process based on a sinusoidal actuation of the PCB substrate. Applied on a reflow process the company developed the Hotflow 3/20 voidless reflow soldering system having a void level of less than 2% mehr...

Baugruppenfertigung-Catalytic thermal oxidizer decomposes organic materials

No maintenance required

30.09.2015- ProduktberichtThe catalytic thermal oxidizer Cathox if Vitronics Soltec is an advanced system for keeping SMT reflow ovens clean and free of contamination. A nanomaterial-based catalyst system thermo-chemically decomposes organic materials outgassed from solder paste, bare boards and components. mehr...

Baugruppenfertigung-In-line laser marking system with accurate repeatability

Handling large format heavy PCBs

30.09.2015- ProduktberichtGLMS is an in-line laser marking machine of Getech Systems especially designed to laser marked with accurate positional repeatability ultra thin and flexible printed circuit board assemblies (PCBA). Single side or both side in a single pass is possible with the integrated flip unit internal to the machine. mehr...

Baugruppenfertigung-Ergonomic, portable inspection system

Inspecting various shapes and sizes

30.09.2015- ProduktberichtThe Versamag high-definition inspection system of FS Inspection is a lightweight and portable inspection station, that folds up quickly so operators can carry the unit anywhere within the production area or warehouse. The ergonomic design provides flexibility of monitor positioning, and allows collaboration with colleagues for features under review. mehr...

Testgeräte + Prüfplätze-Automated optical inspection system

Multi-view sensors enable fast 3D inspection

30.09.2015- ProduktberichtThe SQ3000 3D AOI of Cyberoptics incorporates Multi-Reflection Suppression technology (MRS) and highly sophisticated 3D algorithms offering microscopic image quality at production speeds. mehr...

Testgeräte + Prüfplätze-All-in-one test & proramming station

No vacuum pump needed

30.09.2015- ProduktberichtThe Briz test and programming station of Acculogic is a compact, totally customizable, all-in-one test station that can be configured to perform in-circuit, functional & boundary testing, and in-system programming. Equipped with a quick changeover, mechanical test fixture the need for a vacuum pump is eliminated. mehr...

Baugruppenfertigung-Hybrid rework system

Rework soldering without voids

29.09.2015- ProduktberichtErsa has developed a new technique to minimize the formation of voids during the soldering process. The result is an economic, highly automated rework voidless process with the proven Ersa rework technology in a HR600/2 Voidless and a void level of less than 2% mehr...

Baugruppenfertigung-Selective soldering system

Ready for implementation into an Industry 4.0 environment

29.09.2015- ProduktberichtThe selective soldering system Versaflow 455 from Ersa is featuring a maximum process window for board assemblies of 508 x 508 mm. This modular system can be configured with two fluxer modules, multiple preheat units including upper preheaters and up to three soldering modules. mehr...

Baugruppenfertigung-eMMC programming

Designed to cut programming costs

29.09.2015- ProduktberichtThe Lumen-X programming platform from Data I/O is a fast programming technology for the latest generation of eMMC devices and large file sizes. It‘s programming architecture easily keeps up with changing device technology and growing file sizes. mehr...


Präzise dosierend und dabei klein und leicht

29.09.2015- ProduktberichtBeinlich Pumpen hat mit der Visco.pump eine technisch verbesserte Exzenterschneckenpumpe in besonders kleiner Bauweise für das kontinuierliche und pulsationsarme Dosieren von Flüssigkeiten und Pasten entwickelt. Die Dosiergenauigkeit (volumetrisch) sowie die Wiederholgenauigkeit betragen ±1 %. mehr...

Kabelbearbeitung-Mikro-Koaxialkabel konfektionieren

Vollautomatisch, präzise und qualitätsgeprüft

29.09.2015- ProduktberichtDas Coaxcenter 6000 von Schleuniger ist die erste Maschine für eine vollautomatische und hochpräzise Verarbeitung von Mikrokoaxialkabeln. Bislang wurden die einzelnen Konfektionierungsschritte vor allem bei diesem Kabeltyp entweder händisch oder bestenfalls halbautomatisch durchgeführt. mehr...

Bonding + Assembly-Barrel agitator station

Good sealing prevents damages of casting resins

28.09.2015- ProduktberichtThe Barrel Agitator Station for 200-litre barrels from Scheugenpflug is a further development of the familiar barrel agitator stations available on the market so far. It exactly meets the special demands of casting resins, especially moisture-sensitive dispensing materials. mehr...

Bonding + Assembly-Vacuum dispensing

Economic system delivers highest quality

28.09.2015- ProduktberichtScheugenpflug shows its new vacuum dispensing system LeanVDS, a powerful yet economic entry-level system for high-quality vacuum dispensing. It is particularly suitable for small quantities, laboratory applications or to replace unreliable and time-consuming sub-processes such as post-evacuation. mehr...

Baugruppenfertigung-Automated bondtester with image recognition function

Multiple camera configurations with wide view

28.09.2015- ProduktberichtWith the Condor Sigma series Xyztec has introduced a completely new generation of bond testers. The system offers extremely accurate positioning, a revolving measurement unit that can hold up to six sensor modules and powerful image recognition options. mehr...

Baugruppenfertigung-Active system line pencil with exchangeable soldering tips

Combines high performance and ergonomics

28.09.2015- ProduktberichtThe Line Pencil 90 Weller Tools is the first active system line pencil with exchangeable high performance passive soldering tips. In case of different applications on the same bench the plug-in soldering tip including the heating element can easily be exchanged with a different tip plus heating element. mehr...

Baugruppenfertigung-Benchtop X-ray inspection system for small items

Also used for electronics inspection

28.09.2015- ProduktberichtXQuik of VJ Electronix is a compact benchtop X-ray inspection system for inspecting small items with varying density. Now, with Accucount technology, the System is even more versatile allowing for component reel counting in just seconds. mehr...

Baugruppenfertigung-Vacuum-tweezer for very thin delicate substrates

Vacuum of up to ten inches of mercury

28.09.2015- ProduktberichtThe Adjust-A-VAC of Virtual Industries is developed for the manual handling of very thin/delicate substrates, wafers, MEMS devices and other very fragile components. It allows to adjust the vacuum level from just below atmospheric pressure to up to ten inches of mercury depending on the fragility of the part being handled. mehr...

Labormesstechnik-Stereo microscope without eyepieces

Complete stereo view of 3-dimensional subjects

28.09.2015- ProduktberichtLynx EVO of Vision Engineering is a high productivity stereo microscope without eyepieces, powering productivity through stunning 3D imaging. The eyepiece-less optics liberates users from restrictive working practices. mehr...

Stecker + Kabel-Connnectors and high speed inserts

EMI shielding in slim footprint

28.09.2015- ProduktberichtThe test and measurement world is evolving to support testing high speed applications with high speed switching and data acquisition instrumentation. The i2 MX connector’s integrated design allows the test engineer to customize the connector with signal speed or high speed modules. mehr...