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Baugruppenfertigung-Fully automated inspection system

Fit for China

28.09.2015- ProduktberichtBeing the next SPI generation, the inspection system Pi of Vi Technology is fully connectable and provides solutions to improve processes. Combined with Sigma Link and AOI solutions, it enables to improve processes through a complete analysis of the solder joints versus solder paste deposit. mehr...

Baugruppenfertigung-Kombi aus automatischem Lagersystem und Trockenschrank

Durchmesser und Gurtbreiten individuell konfigurieren

28.09.2015- ProduktberichtDer s|tower Dryflow von Tower Factory vereint die Vorzüge eines automatischen Lagersystems mit den Vorteilen eines Trockenschranks und der Möglichkeit einer gezielten Trocknung bei Raumtemperatur. Dazu kommt ein deutlich geringerer Energieverbrauch gegenüber alternativen Lagersystemen (ca. 10 %). mehr...

Testgeräte + Prüfplätze-Surface insulation resistance testing system

Minimized channel-to-channel leakage

28.09.2015- ProduktberichtThe Auto-SIR 2 testing system of of Gen 3 Systems (Stannol) measures changes in surface insulation resistance. It represents a dramatic improvement over existing SIR test alternatives, and its shielded precision electronics allows accuracy resistance measurements to be made up to 1014 Ω. mehr...

Baugruppenfertigung-Wave soldering system for defect free production

Eliminating the solvents

28.09.2015- ProduktberichtTo meet the goal of a defect free production Seho introduces a new system where all process-relevant components - fluxing, preheating, soldering - have been replaced by new, innovative modules. mehr...

Baugruppenfertigung-Production line with automatic repair of assemblies

AOI system directly integrated

28.09.2015- ProduktberichtThe Zero-Fault Production Line from Seho is designed for selective soldering of THT components, free from defects and completely documented. Besides the selective mini-wave soldering process, this line incorporates automated optical inspection (AOI) of the solder joints as well as a defined and automated repair soldering process. mehr...

Kabelbearbeitung-Wire harness assembly made easier

New method reduces costs and improves productivity

25.09.2015- ProduktberichtPanduit’s Quick-Build Harness Board System is a modular, expandable solution comprised of 1’ X 1' grid tiles with specially shaped holes so that wire harness board fixtures lock into place with just a twist. mehr...

Kabelbearbeitung-Aluminium wire processing

Quality control of stranded aluminum conductors

25.09.2015- ProduktberichtKomax Wire developed a monitoring system for a new contact system for stranded aluminum named Litealum to allow this contact system to be processed on a fully automated crimping machine. mehr...

Baugruppenfertigung-Die bonder machines and vision alignment

High resolution across a large object field

25.09.2015- ProduktberichtA range of technological innovations in FPXvision, Finetechs new generation of Vision Alignment Systems (VAS), opens new fields of applications to the users of Fineplacer die bonder machines. It will be displayed first time on productronica worldwide. mehr...

Leiterplattenfertigung-Reinigen und Beschichten in einer Anlage

In zwanzig Minuten durch drei Becken

24.09.2015- ProduktberichtBasierend auf den Novec-Reinigungs- und Beschichtungsmaterialien von 3M hat Puretecs eine innovative Prozesstechnik für die hocheffiziente Oberflächenveredelung elektronischer Baugruppen entwickelt. Die Reinigungs-und Beschichtungsanlage Nova lässt sich direkt in die Fertigungslinie integrieren. mehr...

Optische Größen-Testsystem für bestückte LED-Leiterplatten

Hundertprozentige LED-Prüfung im Inlineprozess

24.09.2015- ProduktberichtMit dem Laservision LED stellt Prüftechnik Schneider & Koch ein Testystem vor, mit dem sich LED-Baugruppen in der Fertigungslinie im Serientakt zu 100 Prozent prüfen lassen. Es umfasst sowohl die AOI- als auch die komplette elektrische Prüfung sowie aus der Kombination resultierend die optischen Messgrößen der betriebenen LEDs. mehr...

Baugruppenfertigung-Batch cleaning system for high volume cleaning

Totally closed or open loop

24.09.2015- ProduktberichtUniclean 2015 of PBT Works represents the most up-to-date batch-line system. It combines high capacity with capability to meet highest cleanness standards. The machine is designed to work in cleanrooms. mehr...

Baugruppenfertigung-Compact cleaning system

Ideal for bench top use

24.09.2015- ProduktberichtContactless cleaning of component pads prior to component replacement is a growing need in the industry. The Scarab Site Cleaning System, Metcal APR-2000-SCS, ensures accurate and repeatable cleaning of the component pad in one user friendly, single system. mehr...

Testgeräte + Prüfplätze-Inline PCB inspection with five cameras

Exceptional defect coverage

24.09.2015- ProduktberichtThe 3D AOI Inline PCB Inspection System FX-940 of Nordson Yestech offers the latest multi-dimensional technology for inspection of solder defects, lead defects/lifted leads, component presence and position, correct part/polarity, through-hole parts, and co-planarity of chips, BGAs and other height sensitive devices. mehr...

Baugruppenfertigung-Innovative jet dispensing system

Valve and controller with touch screen interface

24.09.2015- ProduktberichtNordson EFD introduces innovative piezoelectric jetting technology that removes the barrier between speed and accuracy. The Pico Pµlse valve and Pico Toµch controller make it possible to dispense very exact, repeatable micro-deposits as small as 0.5 nL at up to 500 Hz continuous, with 1500 Hz maximum bursts. mehr...

Baugruppenfertigung-Smart bin system provides paperless guidance

Faster changeovers and higher utilization

24.09.2015- ProduktberichtThe introduction of the Agilis Smart Bin system brings unparalleled ease-of-use to the kitting and changeover process for the SMT assembly line. mehr...

Leiterplattenfertigung-Neutral electronic assembly cleaning chemistry

Rapid cleaning under populated assemblies

24.09.2015- ProduktberichtAquanox A4708 of Kyzen is a neutral range pH chemistry designed to rapidly clean under densely populated low-gap PWB assemblies. As a non-hazardous, biodegradable aqueous solution it contains no CFCs or HAPs and is safe for the operator, the equipment and the environment while providing powerful cleaning of demanding designs. mehr...

Leiterplattenfertigung-Fine-pitch adapter offers new kind of deflection

Needles straight on the pad

24.09.2015- ProduktberichtMicro Contact presents the Sirius fine-pitch adapter. The adapter has a absolutely new kind of deflection and get in this case a lot of advantages as normal fine-pitch adapters. mehr...

Baugruppenfertigung-Globally available modular assembly cell

Precise, reusable and fast

24.09.2015- ProduktberichtThe V4 assembly cell of JOT Automation is speeding up the precision assembly of small, performance-critical components and improving the outgoing quality of smart devices. The automated desktop solution enables electronics brands to ship smarter and smaller devices with superior quality and lower costs. mehr...

Bonding + Assembly-Interface material improves mechanical and thermal reliability

Creating a uniform bond-line thickness

24.09.2015- ProduktberichtThe thermal interface material Inform of Indium Corp. is a revolutionary development in solder preform technology that dramatically improves mechanical and thermal reliability in the final solder joint. IGBT assembly needs this technology because there must be a uniform bond-line thickness between the DBC and the baseplate. mehr...

Bonding + Assembly-Open and modular machine platform

New machine setup within a short time

24.09.2015- ProduktberichtOurplant X3 calls Häcker Automation its open machine platform that closes the gap between the conventional standard machines and expensive special equipment. The universal machine concept and the plug&play capability of the modules allow a very individual layout of the machine. mehr...

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