productronica innovation award 2017

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Solid solder wire LMPA-Q6 Interflux Electronics
Baugruppenfertigung-Low melting point technology prevents failures

One solder alloy for three processes

14.11.2017- ProduktberichtInterflux LMPA-Q is a low melting point lead-free solder alloy with enhanced mechanical reliability properties. Furthermore it can be used in the reflow- , wave- and selective soldering process. mehr...

Selective soldering machine Versaflow 4/66
Baugruppenfertigung-Simultaneously fluxing and soldering

XL machine for big PCBs

14.11.2017- ProduktberichtVersaflow 4/66 from Ersa is a selective soldering machine for large/big PCBs of up to 610x610 mm2. In configuration level XL it even handles a board size of 610x1200 mm2 with expected inline throughput. mehr...

Baugruppenfertigung-Free of charge PCB testing tool

Correction before hardware

13.11.2017- ProduktberichtXJTAG has developed a testing tool in collaboration with PCB EDA vendors Altium, Cadence, Mentor Graphics and Zuken. The result is DFT Assistant, enabling early correction of ‘Design For Test’ errors before any hardware is produced. mehr...

Baugruppenfertigung-Better heat transfer and serviceability

Minimizes swirls and flow losses

13.11.2017- ProduktberichtThe reflow soldering system SMT Quattro Peak R360 is designed with a totally new air-flow-concept which minimizes unwanted swirls and flow losses. Correspondingly, the fan motors can run with lower revs but regenerate the same volume flow with the same heat transfer as before. mehr...

die begehrte Trophäe des productronica innovation award.
Baugruppenfertigung-Die besten Innovationen prämiert

Knapp 60 Einreichungen für den 2. productronica innovation award 2017

13.11.2017- FachartikelKreativität kennt keine Grenzen: Aus jedem Cluster haben uns Bewerbungen weltweit erreicht. Zahlreiche Aussteller der Weltleitmesse productronica 2017 haben knapp 60 Innovationen ins Rennen geschickt, um sich um den ersten unabhängigen Preis der Elektronikfertigung – den productronica innovation award – verdient zu machen. mehr...

Process improvement software Sigma Link Vi Technology
Baugruppenfertigung-Easy diagnosis and full traceability

Combining SPI and AOI results

13.11.2017- ProduktberichtVi Technology's process improvement software, Sigma Link, coupled with two high performance systems from the PI Series (3D SPI) and K Series (3D SPI) product families, drives PCBA process control in new ways. mehr...

Automatic magazin width adjustment Asys Automatisierungssysteme
Leiterplattenfertigung-Automatic magazin width adjustment

Fast change of setup

13.11.2017- ProduktberichtAsys' magazine loader system AMS 03 Speed as an option for all line unloaders in the Vego Dynamic series automates the width adjustment of PCB magazines. mehr...

Wave soldering machine Powerflow S Ersa
Baugruppenfertigung-High throughput in mix production

Two independent solder modules

12.11.2017- ProduktberichtErsa presents Powerflow S, a full tunnel nitrogen wave soldering machine with two fully independent double wave solder modules for two different alloys selected by recipe, that can handle all wave soldering requirements. mehr...

Baugruppenfertigung-Automatic line widths measurement

Under two seconds per point

12.11.2017- ProduktberichtOrbotech's 2D Metrology enables automatic measurement of conductor line widths and pad shapes within the existing AOI process, overcoming current measurement limitations and costs. mehr...

Automated brush system removes solder balls

All processes in one machine

12.11.2017- ProduktberichtThe Seho Power Selective and Select Line selective soldering systems can be equipped with an automated selective brush system for immediate removal of any solder balls, and an AOI system. mehr...

Sentrix Security Provisioning Platform Data I/O
Baugruppenfertigung-Roots-of-trust in silicon

Security for OEMs

12.11.2017- ProduktberichtData I/O's Sentrix Security Provisioning Platform is an integrated and highly flexible security provisioning and data programming solution used to cryptographically embedded roots-of-trust in silicon devices used in IoT products at manufacturing. mehr...

Baugruppenfertigung-Komplette ESD-Werkstatt zum Aufklappen

Ableitfähiger Arbeitsplatz für unterwegs

12.11.2017- ProduktberichtDas ESD-Profi-Repair-Set von Bernstein ist der ableitfähige Arbeitsplatz für unterwegs. Die für den Transport auf ein handliches Format zusammengefaltete, ableitfähige Arbeitsunterlage beinhaltet alle nötigen Werkzeuge für die Reparatur von kleinen technischen Geräten. mehr...

Baugruppenfertigung-Ready for Smart Factory

One system controls all lines

11.11.2017- ProduktberichtPanasonic is improving the manufacturing process of electronic component mounting production lines, with Smart Factory solutions centered on the integrated line management system iLNB. The system improves total productivity of mounting lines in the process of placing electronic components on printed-circuit boards. mehr...

Baugruppenfertigung-One standard for all machines

Smart PCB flow management

11.11.2017- ProduktberichtThe Hermes Standard is a protocol for vendor-independent machine-to-machine communication in SMT assembly, initiated and jointly developed by a group of leading equipment suppliers bundling their expertise. mehr...

Baugruppenfertigung-Übersicht aller Systeme und Baugruppen

Prüfergebnisse zentral verifizieren

11.11.2017- ProduktberichtPilot Supervisor von Göpel ist ein Softwaremodul zur zentralen Verifikation von Prüfergebnissen unterschiedlicher Inspektionssysteme und Fertigungslinien. Bediener begutachten von einer separaten Klassifizierstation aus die Prüfergebnisse der Linien. mehr...

P360 high speed pin insertion machine TE Connectivity
Leiterplattenfertigung-Freely programmable insertion angle

Quick product changeovers

11.11.2017- ProduktberichtAt only 1.10 m in length, the P360 from TE Connectivity is a modular, high-speed pin insertion machine capable of producing up to 25 million insertions/shift and year. It utilizes a linear motor gantry axis system for x and y PCB movement, and a ±90° insertion angle that doesn’t effect cycle time. mehr...

Laser selective soldering system Firefly4D Seica
Baugruppenfertigung-Fourth dimension of Laser Soldering

From round to round crown

10.11.2017- ProduktberichtSeica invested in a new generation of systems for Laser selective soldering, notably the Fourth Dimension, giving birth to the Firefly4D line, in accordance with the concepts of Industry 4.0. The System will be showcased in productronica 2017 as a world premiere. mehr...

Connection Validation (CV) OK International
Baugruppenfertigung-Soldering and rework system

Better than visual inspection

10.11.2017- ProduktberichtWith Connection Validation (CV), Metcal has developed a better way to inspect solder joints than visual inspection. Used in all soldering systems, CV evaluates the quality of the solder joint by calculating the IMC formation, and provides closed-loop feedback to the operator. mehr...

Leiterplattenfertigung-Leiterplatten berührunglos transportieren

Uneingeschränkt reinraumtauglich

10.11.2017- ProduktberichtDie Infinity Line V+ von Schmid zeichnet sich durch einen berührungslosen vertikalen Transport und die absolut homogene Behandlung von Leiterplatten (ab 25µ) und Substraten aus. Die Maschine bietet uneingeschränkte Reinraumfähigkeit. mehr...

Leiterplattenfertigung-Combining dielectric and metal materials

3D printed electrically functional objects

10.11.2017- ProduktberichtNano Dimension's specialty inks bring additive manufacturing to the world of printed electronics, allowing designers and engineers to 3D print electrically functional objects like multilayer printed circuit boards (PCBs). mehr...