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Bus and wiring systems

Bus systems and protocols automotive, Source: AdobeStock_262416501, alphaspirit
Source: AdobeStock_262416501, alphaspirit

CAN XL at a glance

The third generation of CAN (Controller Area Network) specifies frame telegrams that can transport up to 2048 bytes of user data. The configuration information embedded in the protocol (e.g. SDU type and VCID) allows DoIP and DoCAN segments to be transmitted on the same cable. This makes CAN XL suitable as a basis for an integration network. Initial CAN XL implementations from various suppliers have already been tested for interoperability. A second plugfest will now test whether the CAN XL implementations also behave interoperably in the event of faults.

Driver assistance

ADAS and autonomous driving, AdobeStock_221554713, scharfsinn86
Source: AdobeStock_221554713, scharfsinn86

Implementing Intelligent Speed Assistance

Things are getting serious: Since July of this year, systems for Intelligent Speed Assistance (ISA) have been mandatory in newly introduced vehicle types. OEMs must create the technical prerequisites for the concrete implementation of this regulation. A well thought-out combination of cameras, sensors, an electronic horizon and digital map material provides support. This article provides an overview of the three main functions of ISA and shows how digital map solutions can help with implementation.

Metrology + Tools

Metrology and Tools,  AdobeStock_305628507, Gorodenkoff
AdobeStock_305628507, Gorodenkoff

HMI: Automated measurements in the lighting lab

In the production of display manufacturers, suppliers and Tier 1's, automated lighting measurements are standard. During development, however, a wide variety of measurements must also be performed, usually in greater detail than in series production. The interaction of display control, measurement equipment and evaluation of the measured values is often time-consuming and error-prone. A fully or partially automated measurement including evaluation or assessment of the measurement results can significantly simplify the developer's work here.


Automobil-Elektronik Kongress, Source: Alfred Vollmer
Source: Alfred Vollmer

26th Automotive Electronics Congress in Ludwigsburg

At the end of June, managers in the field of automotive electronics and the (potentially) supplying tech companies met again for what is now the 26th Automotive Electronics Congress (AEK) in Ludwigsburg. Of course, this networking congress once again featured numerous good presentations by extremely high-ranking speakers (many of them CEOs or CTOs), with Porsche CEO Oliver Blume, the CEO of a major automotive OEM, also speaking at the AEK for the first time. The editorial team reports on the content of the presentations as well as on the evening industry get-together, the exhibition, etc.

Preview IAA Transportation

IAA Transportation 2022, IAA Transportation / VDA
IAA Transportation / VDA

Commercial vehicle electronics

Electronics for commercial vehicles must be even more robust than electronics for passenger cars, but for a long time they eked out a shadowy existence. Now the tide is turning, because if supply chains are to become CO2-neutral and buses are to travel with zero local emissions, trucks and buses will have to go electric. And because there is a chronic shortage of drivers, automating the driver's job is very high on the agenda. Therefore, for purely economic reasons, commercial vehicles should drive as autonomously as possible as soon as possible, while at the same time being driven fully electrically. In the run-up to the IAA Transportation 2022, the editorial team reports on some electronics and system highlights.

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