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Radio frequency and mobile communication

Radio frequency and mobile communication, Creativa Images AdobeStock_325682538
Creativa Images AdobeStock_325682538

Design of power-efficient O-RAN solutions

Small radio cells, so-called Small Cells, are used in mobile radio networks to provide radio coverage indoors and in outdoor areas that are difficult to access. Due to the large number of Small Cells and the variety of installations required in a radio network, it must be possible to install and operate them cost-effectively. Focusing on 5G technology devices, this article describes how they can be easily scaled for band and power variations within an O-RAN radio unit.


Selection criteria for 1 GHz oscilloscopes

Currently, 1-GHz oscilloscopes are the workhorses of the electronics lab. However, there is a plethora of products at this power level, making it difficult to choose due to the cluttered offerings. With many oscilloscopes offering the same performance and features at similar price points, it's important for test engineers to look beyond the data sheet to get the product that's best suited for their test needs and specific way of working.

Power supplies

Power Supplies, AdobeStock_256874453, dsom
Source: AdobeStock_256874453, dsom

48 V power supply for edge computing data centers

Compact and efficient power conversion is achieved by designing hardware that operates on 48 VDC power distribution instead of 12 VDC. The higher voltage reduces I2R losses across the power distribution network (PDN). While 48 VDC distribution is widely used in telecommunications and industrial applications, it is only now gaining acceptance in data centers and related edge environments.


Electrothermal models cover MOSFET operating temperature range

With advanced electrothermal models that cover the entire MOSFET operating temperature range, designers can evaluate electrical, thermal and EMC performance before prototyping. Whereas designers previously had to ensure designs worked under worst-case conditions, designs can now be simulated over specific temperature ranges.

Power Semiconductors

Power Semiconductors on PCB, AdobeStock 343768905, luchschenF
Source: AdobeStock 343768905, luchschenF

Direct drive SiC JFETs for maximum performance

SiC JFETs are good switches for applications that require minimal conduction losses. This article highlights two additional features: a way to reduce conduction losses by more than 15 percent and a way to measure on-chip temperature in real time. The self-conducting (Normally-On) SiC JFET becomes self-locking (Normally-Off) with an enable/enable MOSFET plus some Zener diodes. A brief overview of the properties of SiC JFETs is followed by a circuit example that shows how the capabilities of the SiC JFET can be used extensively.

Railroad electronics

Railroad electronics, aapsky-adobestock-328138333

DC/DC converters for air-conditioning systems in trains

To be able to clean the air in large rooms or trains from microparticles as small as 0.01 µm, conventional filter systems are unsuitable. In electromechanical filter systems, the air to be filtered and cooled is passed by metal plates that are subjected to very high voltages of 8,000 V. The air is then filtered by an electrostatic precipitator. Over 92 percent of the positively and negatively charged aerosols are attracted or repelled by the plates and settle on them. As the distance between the plates becomes smaller and smaller, due to contamination, a rapid sparkover (short circuit) occurs between the plates, burning the particles. A new DC/DC converter had to be developed for this application.

Special: Electronics in Switzerland

Electronics in Switzerland, Schweiz lr AdobeStock_247166344
Schweiz lr AdobeStock_247166344

A real turning point also for electronics in Switzerland

The current turning point of the times is not only a current assessment of the situation, but has corresponding real effects on the economies in Europe and elsewhere. What does this mean for electronics developers in Switzerland in the midst of Europe? The editorial team set out to find the answer.

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