PBT Works

It fulfills the strongest standards for ESD protection and is designed to conform to EPA. Moreover it is designed for a low consumption of energy and fluids, mainly cleaning agent. The System is designed for water-based and semi-aqua cleaning of demanding applications: defluxing of low-residue and lead free technology with newest component packages types (PCBA defluxing, chip on board, cleaning before wire bonding, HDI, DCB, BGA, hybrids, PoP, SiP, leadframes with bonded chips, micromechanical applications etc.). Its separated process positions (baths) combine different agitation methods and process steps. This concept enables any configuration from three to six positions and the design can easily adapt to customer specific bath size requirements. Cleaned product is handled in carriers with baskets. Transport and handling into and from baths is provided by adaptive controlled five-axis motion robotic head with inlet/outlet buffers for two baskets. Maximal basket load goes up to 20 kg. From the environmental scope the machine can be configured as totally closed system (without any drain) or open loop system with cascading or cascading + reclaim filters in each rinse position. For increased capacity, cleaning or drying positions can be doubled.

Productronica innovation award 2015: Halle A4, Stand 129