It inspects reflective components and low contrast surfaces with up to 60 cm²/s, offering true 3D profile measurements with the Digital Dual 3D blue laser module. A smart library features auto-learning functionalities, flexible inspection algorithms, metrology capabilities and data exchange for Smart Factory applications. Combination of ultra-high-speed color camera and true 3D profile measurement inspects even complex automotive and smartphone assemblies. Components up to 20 mm high can be inspected. Powered by IPC-610 compliant algorithms, the system is even able to inspect the most intricate solder joint defects, including THT components, on PCB boards up to 850 mm x 610 mm. At the same time, the Smart Review Repair Station enables real-time monitoring and confirms the test results. The included SPC software allows to generate various statistical analysis reports. The Industry 4.0-ready Solution supports protocols such as ELF, CFX and Hermes 9852.

Productronica 2019: Halle A2, Stand 320