The tester is being implemented for connections of batteries that are used in electronic vehicles or for the storage of solar energy. The versatility of the robotic testing platform allows for the intelligent testing of the connections between battery cells. The company‘ s flying prober can be equipped with a mini-fixture probe module, which is installed on a shuttle of the flying prober and moves in the x and y axes. This allows for repeated contact with small test point fields, in a consistent pattern. lt also enables the testing of small boards. The platform is equipped with four robotic shuttles. The shuttles can be equipped with multi-pin test head probing module(s), camera, laser, and custom modules The variable angle probe modules can contact small anode rims on lithium ion batteries within an array. The wide range of tests includes interconnect,Hi-Pot, isolation layer, discharge, battery electronics and stand-alone or in-line testing.

Productronica 2017: hall A1, booth 465