The system sets itself apart by its 3D capability, and is especially an advantage where through-hole (THT) technology is used, e.g. for selective solder joints in high-power applications as electric vehicle charging or for connectors in computer and telecommunication applications.

3D AOI S3016 ultra from Viscom

3D AOI S3016 ultra Viscom

The camera concept has been adapted to the particular requirements of inspection from below: Eight angled views supplement the orthogonal view to guarantee shadow-free results. Based on a best-mix library, advanced algorithms allow an optimal combination of 3D, angled, and orthogonal inspection.

The system also inspects SMD solder connections as well as where press-in technology is part of the manufacturing process (PressFIT). Another plus is the ability to adapt to customer handling requirements; for example, it is possible to use carriers to transport the products.

Also, the system makes it possible to integrate a return transport of the inspection objects, so that they can pass through the machine twice during production. S3016 is able to communicate comprehensively with other connected machines, as well as the line monitoring and the manufacturing execution system.

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