Paste rolling diameter monitoring system

Paste rolling diameter monitoring system Juki Automation Systems

With auto paste dispensing the paste is automatically dispensed across the entire squeegee length, maintaining at 15 mm rolling diameter, adopting the common 500 gm solder paste jar. The paste rolling diameter monitoring system offers real time monitoring, closed-loop with auto paste dispensing system. When rolling diameter falls below 10 mm, auto paste dispensing will top it up to 15 mm, keeping the paste rolling speed within the optimum range. With zero human intervention, it results in consistency and best printing quality, suitable for lights-out production. OPC Squeegee are retainers at both sides that can be adjusted to the exact length of the PCB, avoiding stagnant solder paste or wastage. Quality Print Control (QPC) consists of a stencil aperture inspection system and a stencil flattener. The inspection system uses panel light installer above and CCD Camera below to inspect the stencil apertures, eliminating defects from the start. The Stencil Flattener sucks the stencil firmly on both sides of the conveyor during printing cycle through the vacuum suction holes, it eliminates stencil vibration by having firm contact with PCB.

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