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Process Lens solder paste measurement system ASM Assembly Systems

Process Lens solder paste measurement system ASM Assembly Systems

Comprised of two components, the Process Engine software and the Process Lens solder paste measurement system, the system holistically improves print performance on DEK printers. The system encompasses product and process design, additional print throughput capability, placement stability and post-placement analysis through 3rd-party AOI systems. It now incorporates both stencil Gerber data and the ability to read PCB Gerber data, creating a virtual print based on stencil and PCB design analysis. In addition, measurements of the actual PCB are taken in the Process Lens and the system makes print process recommendations based on true PCB measurements. The addition of a dual-lane Process Lens accommodates back-to-back printer line configurations for maximum throughput. Through real-time evaluation and isolation of the greatest sources of variation within the placement process, the system performs trend analysis to locate station pick-up or placement errors to drive stability through the removal of variability and noise. The system defines these areas, prioritizes them and then directs operators to the greatest contributors of placement quality variation. Version 2.0 is also leveraging more data collected along the SMT line. Standardized AOI yield measurement delivers an indication of process performance, with specific defects and contributors identified by process area.

Productronica 2017: hall A3, booth 377


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