Solid solder wire LMPA-Q6 Interflux Electronics

Solid solder wire LMPA-Q6 (Bild: Interflux Electronics)

Solder paste LMPA-Q6 Interflux Electronics

Solder paste LMPA-Q6 Interflux Electronics

Current lead-free soldering temperatures can damage temperature sensitive components – the low melting point technology prevents heat-related failures. The shock and vibration resistance is comparable to SAC305 and it even outperforms SAC305 in thermal cycling and tensile strength tests. Typical wave soldering temperatures are between 200 and 230 °C, and soldering speeds can be increased by up to 100 % when compared to standard lead-free solder alloys. High speed selective soldering was conducted successfully at 210 to 230 °C and up to 30 mm/s, a six-fold increase to the widely used 5mm/s soldering speed. With peak temperatures of 200 to 210 °C in reflow soldering it indulges the use of temperature sensitive components in combination with voiding rates below 10 %.

Productronica 2017: hall A4, booth 281


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