Voids developing during soldering in SMT processes reduce the actual thermal transfer and can cause thermal damage of power electronic components up to their failure. For this reason, Ersa started research on alternative techniques for reduction of voids. The result is a universal technique to reduce voids in a rework system. The technique is based on a sinusoidal actuation of the PCB substrate. The process of void minimization takes place within seconds, without causing any significant increase in cycle time. Delamination or popcorn effects of component housings are not occurring during the Ersa voidless process. In addition, no further specifications concerning components or MSL (moisture sensitivity level) as for alternative processes are needed. With the voidless hybrid rework system it is possible to achieve the same level of voids as in the production process with the Ersa Voidless Hotflow technology. A voidless rework system offers the possibility to subsequently reduce the void level of already soldered PCB. The number of voids is minimized and the repaired PCB will meet the performance requirements.

productronica innovation award: hall A4, booth 171


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