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In the age of software-defined vehicles (SDV), OEMs and suppliers must profoundly transform their business models to succeed in the automotive industry.  Future profitability will depend on their ability to capitalise on new channels and create value with new products, services and experiences. As vehicles become digital mobility platforms, software is not only determinant for market success, but it also dominates costs and time to market. This new paradigm significantly changes the way automakers must think about future vehicle compute platform strategy, elevating its strategic level to the C-suite.

In this webinar, Arm builds on their extensive engagement with automotive OEMs and suppliers to present key considerations in the design and evaluation of high-performance vehicle computers for SDVs. In the future, usual hardware requirements such as compute performance, power and unit cost must no longer be analysed in isolation or as a one-off. The need for OEMs to be able to monetise vehicle platforms through software, many years after start of production, introduces the need for protection of software, verification and validation investment across multiple vehicle generations. It also requires forward thinking in system dimensioning, so to enable the deployment of unforeseen features and services in the future. All this while, at the same time, improving semiconductor supply security and creating ability for market differentiation.

The content shared in this presentation will help inform organisations directly involved in specifying, building and procuring high-performance vehicle computers for next-generation E/E architectures, in particular automotive OEMs and tier 1 suppliers.

Key learnings:

  • Vehicle compute architectures trends
  • Important factors and cost drivers in the context of ADAS/AD compute selection
  • Common challenges and evaluation metrics
  • Arm’s and industry initiatives addressing gaps

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